Company Auditions



Alaina Baldwin

Olivia Cory

Jessie Djokovic

Maddy Feasel

Anya Gustafson

Evangelia Kahremanis

Emily Nagle

Natalie Orlando

Vanessa Spring

Bridget Stempien

Brooke Stempien

Susan Zhen


Anna Bodescu

Anna Lenart

Evelyn Shymanski


Anna Bodescu

Maya Bjertness

Mary Grace Bylo

Amanda Chizuk

Natalie Hess

Dan Irish

Isavella Kahremanis

Anna Lenart

Carly Loyer

Grace O'Dea

Autumn Thomas

Amber Trepanier

Kalina Thompson

Evelyn Shymanski

Maggie Weikert

Vivienne Zieman

*Kalie Krotchen

Junior Company

Jaidyn Alemany

Eva Applebaum

Ava Barber

Alivia Boussi

Emily Curr

Autumn Danclovic

Isabella Heston

Isabella Stansell

Sydney Stolar

Jacqueline Caruso

Ali Desai

L.A. Gee

Olivia Goodwin

Kayle Jerore

Sarah Lanier

Kate Nagle

Bella Spicer

Peyton Wild

Tremaine Dance Convention

All dancers Elementary jazz level and above are able to sign up for the Tremaine dance convention on NOVEMBER 11-12.  This is a great opportunity to take class from industry leaders in all styles.  Our company dancers are required to take this convention, but other dancers are also welcome to attend.

COST:  $265.00 due to the studio by October 10.